Homework for this week

Hey Everyone, was really great to see the turn out at training last night!

We did have to move from our planned schedule (we were due to start on our defensive structures) but we got the chance to have a good team building session.

Homework for this week: Come to training next week, prepared to share the story of an existing or previous Rats first grader, who also played their juniors at your local club.

A quick reminder of the previous weeks homework, for those that missed it and need to catch up:

Week 1 - Where did the Rats get their name from (hint a group of men in WWII)? What is the connection between that original group of men and the Warringah Rats?

Week 2 - Research and come prepared to present some facts about 2 Warringah Rats legends (either current players or previous)? What can we learn from them?

Cheers Luke

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