Milestone: May 5th 5.30pm

Just wanted to flag for history

On Sunday May 5th at 4.45pm we played Norths

We had 6 players out injured

Which meant we had to play flankers on both wings

We had already played so much Rugby and the boys that were able to play were tired and sore.

We faced a Norths team that had a full bench and 6 NSW players in their team.

In the first 10 minutes - we didn't play to our game plan and Norths made consistent ground through the middle and then spread it wide for their fast winger to score. They chalked up 3 quick tries. We worried, confidence was down and unless the boys found something, this could turn into a disaster for our preparation.

Then something clicked... our boys found something, started playing to the game plan and it started to work. By half time, Norths hadn't scored again and we were actually starting to get some control of the match.

The faces of our boys as they left the field at the end of that first half looked very different to the ones that went onto the field. They looked confident as they came off... they looked like they were having fun and that they believed in themselves and the plan.

We then had to wait for U14's to play their first half (weird scheduling). As coaches we were worried about what that would do to the momentum we had built in the first half.

Norths attacked our line and we defended our hearts out... it would have been easy on a cold Sunday night, to give in and let the try through. But they defended and then turned the ball over - THEN WE RAN FULL FIELD AND SCORED.

From there we dominated the game and scored the only other try of the game.

The boys came off the ground like champions! They cheered the 14's on with vigour and then went into the sheds and sung the song loud and proud.

As Coaches we couldn't have been prouder! And this turned into the moment that our boys started to believe.

One other thing... Oliver Mappen and Paddy Hearn from our shadow squad, travelled to Mosman to cheer and support the team. This for me was a highlight!

What a privilege to be involved this amazing group.

Thank you boys

Btw - I declare the first 20 minutes a practice game and the 2nd 20 minutes the real thing. So ummm we won

I purposely didn't mention any names in that report... but will list for the record the 18 players that took the field did the Rats proud

Austin Hulley

Charlie Boyle

Edward Croxford

Emmett Price

Evan Flynn (C)

Jacob Quarrie

Jacob Harder

Jake Robinson

Jesse Galluzzo

Joel Cooper

Joey Moy

Lachlan King

Lorenzo Ainuu

Luke Duffell

Mitchell Stewart

Nicholas Hope

Oliver Baum

Riley Osborn

You created a memory boys

Let's create some more!

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