Rats Under 10s - 09 Vintage Week One

Hi Team,

Monday was a wonderful start to our journey. Everyone should be super proud of the effort and the intensity brought to training.

Focus Points from Monday:

* Pass and catch at speed – to be a champion team we need to be able to move the ball quickly and accurately; if we do this we’ll put our team mates in space.

* Draw and pass – We need to control the defender, go at him with speed, ball in two hands. Get his eyes, give yourself time to make the pass.Clean Out – We must be lower then, heads up, shoulders on and drive past the ball.

* Landmarks

- Left side of the field Palmy

- Middle of the field Newport

- Right side of the field Collaroy

* Kick Chase – We need to keep a line that stretches the width of the field, look left, look right, communicate and work together.

Players need to contact me if you are late or going to miss training. We had two players late and 4 x registered players not attend training who did not contact me. The players who missed training and didn’t contact me owe the team.

Homework – We will randomly ask these questions so make sure you have an answer:

Why are we named the Rats?

Why is this so special to the history of our club and country?

Next training Monday 13th May 2019

Individual work on drills will available from 4:45pm - 5:00pm

· Passing – 5m pass left and right

· Shape of ruck for forwards

Squad Training from 6:00pm – Focus will be around defence

We will be eventually communicating all of this information through the player’s log ins on the Rats Factory site, so make sure players create an account.

I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday – GO THE RATS..  Also good luck in Club games this Saturday boys.

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