Training Session 3 - u10s 09 Vintage

Hi Rats,

We are tracking nicely, the effort and hard work will pay off. It will be the very thing we call on late on day one and day two of the State Titles.

As a group we need to improve on our skills and knowledge. Please read below and make sure you understand. If you don’t get it please call me as the coaches are here to help.

Focus Points from Session 3:

Pass and catch running lines

Unders Lines – The player changes their running line to the defenders inside shoulder.

Overs Lines – The player changes their running line to the defenders outside shoulder

Clean Out

Fast to the breakdown, low body height and drive past the contact. (Best body shape)

Set up

· Forwards ball GREEN – Carry to outside shoulder, foot work, ball away from contact – OPTION TIP – short pass to outside forward if called.

· Backs ball HOT – If the ball player calls HOT, the forwards run through with the ball goes straight to the ball player.

Find space – Left site of the field – PALMY, mid field – NEWPORT, Right site of the field – COLLAROY

FITNESS – No hands on knees, no sitting down. Up straight big breaths, support your mates. Our fitness will win us games.

Players need to contact me if you are late or going to miss training. We had two players late and 2 x registered players not attend training who did not contact me. The players who missed training and didn’t contact me owe the team. When you arrive you shake each coaches hand. Look them in the eye and ask them how there day has was.

Homework – We will randomly ask these questions so make sure you have an answer:

1. Who is your sporting star?

2. Why is this?

3. (Remember we will be checking at training that you gave your mum a hug and told her you love her.)

Next training Monday 27th May 2019

Individual work on drills will available from 4:45pm – 5:00pm

Squad Training from 6:00pm – Focus will be around attack

I look forward to seeing everyone on Monday – GO THE RATS.. Also good luck in Club games this Saturday boys.

Thank you

09 Coaching Staff

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